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February 2019, Vol. 17, No. 9

Top 5 enterprise storage trends of 2018

At this time of year, publications like to print stories that look back at enterprise storage trends of the past year and ahead to the new one. We do it ourselves in our hot technologies feature. These types of stories often make it seem like technology advances in a great leap on New Year's Day, with 2018 ideas suddenly dated and 2019 filled with brand-new data storage concepts and designs. In reality, the only major change many of us wake up to when a new year starts is a bigger headache. Expected changes take place incrementally and are often delayed or sometimes never happen at all. While predictions of future enterprise storage trends are always far less than certain, we can always safely say what we've learned from the past year. So, without ado, here are the top five things 2018 taught this storage pundit: 1. Dell EMC's strategy is a lot more Dell than EMC. That is to say it is built a lot more around servers and server virtualization than storage. You hear more talk out of Dell EMC -- the infrastructure division of Dell ...

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