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February 2019, Vol. 17, No. 9

Data protection systems must address GDPR, ransomware concerns

It may seem odd that the European Union's GDPR regulation and ransomware threats both require backup software to change the way data is recovered. Each requires backup applications to scan or analyze data as it is being recovered. This is particularly problematic for vendors that mostly back up data as images -- meaning their data protection systems don't have a granular understanding of the data they are protecting. GDPR and backup Scanning or analyzing data during recovery is critical for companies affected by GDPR and other data privacy regulations, including California's Consumer Privacy Act. Most of these privacy regulations -- and more are on the way -- grant users of a service the ability to have all of their data removed from an organization's storage systems. Furthermore, the organization has to prove the request was fulfilled. While it is relatively easy to remove data from production storage, it is difficult to remove data from archive storage and almost impossible to remove it from backup storage. While we have no ...

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