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November 2020, Vol. 18, No. 4

Optimal architectures for intelligent storage systems

Brute force has been the critical lever to achieving advances in storage technology for much of its history. Making storage devices bigger, faster and denser has worked well and will no doubt continue to contribute to improved storage systems, but it is no longer the best way to improve storage costs and performance. Instead, machine learning and analytics in the form of intelligent storage systems now drive the most important advances in storage technology. What is an intelligent storage system? Pre-intelligent storage systems optimize for low-level operations of a storage device, such as reading from an SSD or sending a packet to a network interface. Intelligent storage systems operate at higher levels of abstractions by using data about device operations to improve performance within a device and observing data utilization patterns to optimize system-level operations. Intelligence is incorporated into storage systems at three distinct levels: device-level optimizations, tiered storage and data lifecycle management, and data ...

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