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August 2021, Vol. 19, No. 2

Explore the consumption-based IT and Opex storage landscape

As cloud providers continue to entice organizations with their services, hardware vendors have been looking for ways to keep their customers' operations on premises. This has led companies such as Dell Technologies, HPE and Lenovo to offer consumption-based IT services that aim to bring a cloud-like experience to data centers, edge environments and other on-site locations. Under these new programs, customers lease the equipment from vendors on a subscription basis, but pay only for the resources they use, moving from a Capex to an Opex model. But the idea of consumption-based IT is still relatively new, and the landscape can be confusing, with little consistency from one vendor to the next. Organizations that try to navigate this terrain can find it difficult to determine what services each vendor offers and how those services compare. How consumption-based IT changes companies Consumption-based IT programs make it possible for organizations to get cloud-like services in their data centers and other on-premises locations, with ...

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