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August 2021, Vol. 19, No. 2

Five essential steps to build a cloud-native strategy

What makes a digital business digital? For years, industry experts and the media have lauded the rise of digital transformation, with many claiming data to be the new oil. More effective and efficient data use often delivers superior business results, operational efficiencies, better customer engagement and even opportunities to unlock new markets. Yes, data is an incredibly valuable business asset. But businesses have, in one way or another, been using data for decades to help drive decisions. What makes a digital business digital is not just its ability to use data. Rather, it is the business's ability to analyze that data to make decisions, and then execute on those decisions quickly, ideally much faster than competitors. There are few places where the importance of data and speed of execution are more combined than in the realm of modern DevOps practices. Specifically, it's in cloud-native and container-based application development and Kubernetes. To begin, it is important to understand the tie between cloud-native and ...

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