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February 2022, Vol. 20, No. 1

Data storage and security make a mission-critical mix

Security. Security. Security. That's what a lot of data storage administrators reply when asked, "What's the most pressing issue for your organization?" For a multitude of reasons, data security is rightfully top of mind. The pandemic's effect on the workplace and the ensuing shift to remote work caused a cybersecurity nightmare for many. Home networks are not as secure as those at work, and attackers have taken advantage of users who let their guards down during a time of heightened stress and pain. So, what can you do to best combine data storage and security? The answer: a lot. The state of storage security "The attackers are smart, innovative and well-funded, making it difficult for IT shops to stay one step ahead," said Krista Macomber, senior analyst at Evaluator Group. "A ransomware resiliency strategy spans many areas of IT and really needs to be unique to the business." Ransomware is not the only data storage and security issue, though. After using its automated risk detection engines to analyze more than 400 enterprise...

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