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February 2022, Vol. 20, No. 1

Predictions for the top data storage trends of 2022

Technologies mean little in a vacuum. Data storage technologies are no different. There is little value to a technology that solves a $1,000 problem at a cost of $1 million. Whether a new technology is successful still comes down to the problem it solves, its net value and if it is compellingly better than what is used today. From that perspective, here are data storage trends to consider for 2022. The battle for data storage performance supremacy will escalate Our first data storage trend is the continued need for lower latencies to drive down application response times. Lower latencies affect time-to-job-completion and lead to higher productivity, faster time to actionable insights for databases, faster time to market, greater market share and faster time to revenues. Reduced last byte latencies are very important for high-performance computing message passing interface applications. Greater IOPS drives storage and database consolidation. Fewer database servers means fewer cores, which reduces infrastructure costs while ...

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