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Tintri Cloud Connector writes VM backups to AWS, IBM

Tintri Enterprise Cloud enhances VMstore snapshots to cloud and expands predictive analytics for compute and storage. Cloud Connector treats the cloud as a tertiary repository.

Tintri added a cloud connector to its Enterprise Cloud virtualization platform this week in the flash array vendor's first product release since becoming a public company in May.

Customers in healthcare and other verticals use Tintri VMstore arrays to build scalable private cloud storage. VMstore arrays run the Tintri Storage File System and Tintri Connect orchestration layer for web services. Tintri abstracts storage at the container and virtual machine (VM) level for rapid recovery.

The Tintri Cloud Connector software can replicate Tintri VMstore array-based snapshots to a tertiary tier of third-party cloud storage. The vendor added a machine learning engine for compute analytics to its predictive sizing tool for storage. 

Tintri cloud backups point to AWS, IBM object stores

Tintri arrays already support replication between Veeam and Commvault disk-based backup appliances. Tintri Cloud Connector gives users the option to point VMstore array-based snapshots to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) bucket or IBM Cloud Object Storage vault, said Dhiraj Sehgal, director of product marketing at Tintri, based in Mountain View, Calif.

Tintri's replication protocol sends a compressed and deduplicated replica of data across a WAN to reduce the network payload. Tintri also added live migration of VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V applications directly between VMstore and other platforms, bypassing ESXi hosts. Sehgal said live migration requires 30% less network bandwidth to transfer data between hosts.

The crux of Cloud Connector is that you use the public cloud as the repository for your old snapshots and things like that.
Henry Baltazarresearch director for storage at 451 Research

Henry Baltazar, a research director for storage at 451 Research, said Tintri Cloud Connector gives companies a less costly alternative to a secondary disaster recovery site.

"The crux of Cloud Connector is that you use the public cloud as the repository for your old snapshots and things like that. It's not a revolutionary move -- other vendors have been doing things like that -- but I think it's the first move in a progression of moves by Tintri," Baltazar said.

Cloud-to-cloud VM failover is not supported with Tintri Enterprise Cloud, although Sehgal said it is on the roadmap.

"Tintri Cloud Connector ties your on-premises Tintri footprint directly to your AWS or IBM Object Storage," Sehgal said. "This becomes very important when you need to back up you critical applications to the public cloud as part of a data protection or disaster recovery strategy."

In advance of new Tintri cloud-building arrays slated for release in September, Tintri Global Center management has expanded to handle up to 64 Tintri storage systems. Customers can scale to 40 TB of storage and use the console to keep tabs on 480,000 VMs. Customers can also now use Tintri Global Center to set hard quotas for logical capacity for multiple tenants.

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