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Cloud survey uncovers seven storage services trends


Most cloud storage applications users give satisfied ratings

Source:  TechTarget Graphic: Brian Linnehan/TechTarget

On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is outstanding, our survey respondents rated their experiences to date with cloud storage applications services a 3.7. It might not be an enthusiastic endorsement of cloud storage services, but it does reflect mostly positive encounters.

More than half (53%) rated their satisfaction level with their cloud storage applications as "good," and when we combine that tally with those who were impressed enough to tag their cloud storage providers as "outstanding," we end up with 67% on the positive side vs. only 6% who felt some degree of disappointment and 27% who are still on the fence.

These satisfaction numbers are very similar to those collected on our two previous surveys. But the most recent survey was fielded before a couple of cloud storage cataclysms -- Nirvanix's implosion and Symantec closing Backup -- so the next round of surveying may yield different cloud storage app satisfaction ratings.

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