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Put your multi-cloud storage knowledge to the test

Do you know what you need to about multi-cloud and storage? Use our quiz to find out about the technology's basics, as well as integration, management and migration issues.

Multi-cloud use is soaring. In fact, 86% of the 727 respondents to a 2018 Forrester survey described their cloud strategy as multi-cloud.

With a multi-cloud strategy, companies use two or more public, private or hybrid clouds to run application workloads. A deployment can encompass multiple SaaS, PaaS and IaaS cloud offerings. Multi-cloud storage is an important part of this strategy but can be particularly challenging if significant data mobility is involved in the multi-cloud applications deployed.

Multi-cloud environments can be complex. This is in part because many organizations end up with a multi-cloud strategy based on ad hoc processes rather than strategic planning. According to the Forrester survey, which was commissioned by Virtustream, an enterprise cloud service provider, nearly half of respondents described their multi-cloud approach as ad hoc, having adapted it over time to fit specific needs.

Is your organization managing its multi-cloud storage operations as well as it could? Success requires a full understanding of the technology's fundamentals, as well as the benefits, challenges, integration strategies, management approaches and migration issues. Test your knowledge in all these areas with the eight questions below.

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