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VMware vs. Citrix: VDI security showdown


Compare VDI security features from Citrix, VMware

Designer: Chris Seero, Linda Koury

Comprehensive VDI security features should be a top priority for organizations, especially those that host business-critical workloads in their VDI deployments.

Citrix and VMware are two major players in the VDI battleground. Both vendors offer end-to-end suites that can provide a variety of management, scalability and performance monitoring features. There are differences between them, however, especially when it comes to VDI security features.

Organizations looking for a VDI platform should prioritize flexible security controls, such as role-based access. In this VDI security showdown, we'll pin the two challengers, VMware and Citrix, against each other to determine which platform offers the most comprehensive security features.

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