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What is vCloud Connector and what does it do?

VMware vCC enables organizations to move workloads, such as VMs, templates and vApps, between clouds by extending the data center, synchronizing content and managing content.

Hybrid cloud deployments continue to gain traction in enterprise cloud computing. When implemented properly, they enable organizations to easily move workloads among public and private clouds. But hybrid environments demand common formats and services to ensure that a workload can operate seamlessly in either public or private clouds.

Major vendors such as VMware work to create integrations to provide these common formats and services. VMware's vCloud Connector (vCC) facilitates VM and template management, transfers and deployments among private and public clouds. At its heart, vCC is an integration mechanism designed to provide a common platform for moving and managing VM-related content between a local data center and public cloud providers supporting VMware vCloud services. Content that can be moved includes VMs, templates and workloads, such as vApps.

What vCloud Connector does

VCC provides three basic capabilities: It extends the data center, synchronizes content and manages that content across any location. VCC supports connections for as many as 10 public and private clouds, which enables admins to use a single management portal to manage content across multiple facilities, effectively combining private data centers and public clouds into a single hybrid environment.

Data centers without a private cloud can also use vCC in a "stretch deploy" mode, which enables organizations to extend a private data center into a public cloud, running VMs in the public cloud as if they're local. Its content synchronization capability enables organizations to distribute and use templates to manage uniform content across clouds. VMware vCloud Air users can also employ vCC to transfer large volumes of data from a private data center to the cloud through an Offline Data Transfer feature.

VCC is available through VMware vCloud Air, vCloud Director and most VMware vCloud Air Network providers. Adopters can locate providers through VMware's website.

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