Esxtop is a command-line tool that gives administrators real-time information about resource usage in a vSphere environment. 

With esxtop, an administrator can monitor CPU, disk space, memory and network resource usage. The command can be run either directly at the console or remotely, by using a secure shell console.

Esxtop can be run in three modes -- interactive (real time), batch (save to file) and replay (from vm-support). Information is displayed in a spreadsheet-like format. The amount of raw data generated by the esxtop command -- including CPU percentages over time and number of items in a resource pool -- also makes it a powerful tool for troubleshooting ESX server performance.

Esxtop is essentially a VMware version of top, the Linux command line that displays real-time CPU information. The tool runs in the Linux-based Service Console, which means it only supports VMware ESX hosts. For ESXi hosts, VMware offers a tool called resxstop.

This was last updated in August 2013

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