The ins and outs of VMware security products and features

Last updated:June 2019

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IT managers must understand what role security plays in various platforms, because it's a key aspect of overseeing a virtual environment. VMware security is a primary feature across the vendor's line of products, but it's implemented in different ways.

Security plays a major role in VMware NSX, while AppDefense is an endpoint security tool that detects abnormal application behavior. In addition, encryption is an important capability in VMware's core vSAN and vSphere products.

This essential guide outlines features and integrations of NSX and AppDefense, tips on using encryption in vSAN and vSphere, and information on other VMware security features.

1NSX uses include microsegmentation, IT automation and disaster recovery

NSX is VMware's network virtualization platform. Some of the security features of NSX include distributed firewalling, dynamic security policies and Cross-vCenter Networking and Security. Microsegmentation enables managers to implement a zero-trust security perimeter around specific resources.

2AppDefense identifies unusual application behavior

VMware AppDefense is an endpoint security platform that determines the intended state of a VM and identifies suspicious activity. AppDefense can also perform remedial actions to address issues such as sending alerts to the security information and event management system and isolating the VM.

3Encryption and other features in core VMware products

VM encryption in vSphere 6.5 enables managers to encrypt at the hypervisor level, which means the encryption is agnostic as well as policy-driven. Another capability is two-factor authentication, which ensures that only intended users can access the platform at hand.

4VMware security spans other infrastructure and cloud products

From product updates and recent acquisitions to new features and integrations, VMware is incorporating improved security throughout the data center and into the public cloud. In light of the massive security breaches across different organizations and industries, it's worth considering an add-on or upgrade.

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