New Active Directory account not showing up in Exchange Global Address List

If you can't find names in an Exchange Server Global Address List after entering them as new accounts in Active Directory, here's what you need to check.

When adding new accounts in Active Directory (AD), the option to create an email address is enabled (i.e., checked). However, when I go into the account properties, there is nothing showing up as far as an address. It appears that a mailbox exists that can be logged into via Outlook Web Access, but no email address (SMTP or X.400) is defined.

I can manually add the email address, but it still does not show up when a user is trying to pull up names from the global address list (GAL) in Microsoft Outlook. I've tried adding second and third accounts using random names, and it does the same for those as well.

I have found that we are short on our Exchange Client Access Licenses (CALs). Could this be the culprit? I've never seen this before from a licensing shortage. Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

We have a Dell server running Windows Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2003 with a single domain and only one Exchange server.

Most likely, this problem is not related to licensing.

First, I would suggest that you check your default recipient policy. Does it include the option to add an SMTP and/or X.400 address? Hint: it should.

Second, verify that your Recipient Update Service (RUS) is functioning properly.

Finally, make sure that your mailbox is not hidden from the address list. You can do that from the Exchange Advanced tab within Active Directory Users and Computers.

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