Sending poll questions through Exchange to non-Outlook users

Learn if you can send out polling questions through Exchange Server to recipients who don't use Microsoft Outlook.

I want to send out a polling question that can be answered Yes or No directly through Exchange Server instead of Outlook because the recipients don't use Microsoft Outlook. Is this possible?
The polling, or voting, feature of Outlook is independent of the server that you are using. You can use voting whether you have Outlook configured for an Internet Service Provider's Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)/POP3 server or whether it is connected through Exchange Server.

The most important thing to consider is what client software the recipient is using and whether or not it can interpret the voting component of the message. In particular, the client must support Rich text format. If it does not, the recipient will likely receive a winmail.dat or other similar attachment with the message, rather than displaying the voting buttons.

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