Technics Publications

Technics Publications

Technics Publications is a creator of professional educational materials that focus on filling important niches in the field.

Technics was founded by Steve Hoberman, who, in 2005, wrote and published a book on data modeling that was a relatively new concept for a technical book at the time: easy to read and practical. He continued to write and publish data modeling books but also knew the value of easy-to-read and practical books at a broader scale, branching out into technology and business leadership books.


Today, Technics Publications boasts over 100 titles, with some of the most impressive works in the industry, including those by the "father of data warehouse," Bill Inmon, and by the Data Management Association (DAMA). Technics Publications has also produced some of the field's most creative works, such as The Hidden Corporation, a data management security novel, and the FruITion novels, a trilogy on the fragile relationship between business and IT.

Technics Publications likes to think of itself as the "Tesla of Publishing" -- original, agile and environment-friendly, like the Tesla car. As a small publisher, Technics can go from concept to bookshelf at warp speed, and with close to 60% of sales in e-books, it is an environment-friendly book publisher.