Test yourself with this e-learning authentication quizlet

Integrity and authentication are two evergreen security topics. Try this quick quiz from Technic Publication's PebbleU, and see where to focus your continuing education.

Staying competitive means keeping skills sharp and knowledge updated -- that's true for both businesses and individuals. IT pros know that lifelong learning is a key requirement for long-term career success; company leaders know that keeping their team's tools sharp is a business imperative. That's why certifications and post-grad courses exist, right?

E-learning is reaching new levels of importance when it comes to achieving these goals. Fortunately, the options IT pros have to access learning materials are also expanding. The quizlet below comes from PebbleU, Technics Publications' subscription-based training platform, which provides IT professionals access to its e-books, monographs, video training and social media connections. Accessible both online and through iOS and Android apps, a free trial subscription is available through all three.

Technics' PebbleU organizes learning materials into what the company calls the "four pillars of digital transformation": data, discovery, development and direction. Each pillar contains a multitude of "pebbles," nuggets of training that, combined, build a pillar of knowledge. The authentication quizlet below, drawn from one such pebble -- the video "Authentication and Integrity Tools" by Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris -- poses six question on these broad but essential topics. Knowledge of authentication methods is critical to cybersecurity pros because successful authentication keeps networks and systems secure by restricting use to authorized users.

Try this quiz, see how you do and then you may wish to check out PebbleU. So, see how you score and whether you need to up your game on the topic of authentication.

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