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Fire prevention for commercial buildings

Fires cause roughly $10 billion in property damage every year in the U.S. and unfortunately injures or kills thousands of people. Ensuring that properties are well equipped with the best fire safety technology and solutions is the only way to mitigate this tremendous problem.

Specifically, fires in commercial buildings can spread in a matter of minutes and cause incredible damage to the property and its occupants. So how do we ensure we limit the impact? The answer is simple; early detection. This is key to maintaining the safety of tenants and reducing the amount of property damage caused by fires.

Benefits of smart smoke sensors

During the past few decades, technology has continued to improve, enabling first responders to more quickly combat fires. In the recent era of IoT, smart smoke detecting sensors have drastically helped firefighters better sense the magnitude of a fire and the best course of action to combat it.

One example of this is smart exit signs that include LoRa-enabled sensors that analyze the impact of the flames and help the buildings’ occupants navigate complex hazardous zones in real-time by indicating the quickest and safest direction out of the premises. Companies such as HEX SAFETY, a smart fire prevention company based in Taiwan, create and implement these dynamic exit signs.

When you look at a typical building today, the conventional exit signs only signal where the closest exit is, which might mistakenly lead people into hazard zones. On the contrary, smart exit signs help communicate with the building’s existing fire alarm system and sends the safest direction to every smart exit sign in the building. By enhancing peoples’ decision making and shortening the exit route, smart exit signs significantly increase chances of survival.

By implementing a fire detection solution comprised of smart sensors, firefighters can detect heat, smoke, gas or flames associated with fires earlier, and implement firefighting tactics and deploy personnel more quickly to either prevent or reduce the impact of the fire. Every building must have exit signs and making them intelligent only furthers the potential for saving lives.

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