The business of autonomous vehicle data

The path to autonomous vehicles is through connected, shared and electric vehicles, because a car has to be connected to share data about what it sees on the road, charge itself and build a business model to offset the additional cost to becoming autonomous.

What is car data?

Car data comes in many forms:

  • Car cognition data that is used to build the deep learning models that the car uses to drive autonomously.
  • AI in cars creates the in-car experience with augmented reality, virtual reality and voice.
  • Data about the data comes in the form of three digital twins: One is about the car parts and how they are performing; this will help predict recalls or track the supply chain of the car parts to understand usage behaviors and can inform product development. The second digital twin is about the car environment, and the third digital twin is about customer behavior pattern.
  • Outside-in data, such as vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X), brings data from other cars, road infrastructure, traffic lights and parking garages into the car. This helps the car create its service plans or decide where to park based on parking availability. V2V will help keep roads safe.
  • Another set of outside-the-car data is smart mobility data. This is the data cities collect about multimodel vehicles and their usage for shared mobility vehicles. This can help create mobility services for specific neighborhoods.

What is the business of autonomous vehicle data?

There are lucrative business models based on data disintermediation in the flow of car data in the value chain. For example, the car knows where a rider is at any given time, and it knows what the person did in the car using in-car experience. This data can be shared across the insurance value chain in the case of an accident.

There are hundreds of businesses waiting to be built that will disrupt many industries waiting for their data to be harnessed in a safe, inclusive and scalable way. The real opportunity for innovators lies in the business models that will be developed by creating disintermediation using data.

How can you learn about the business of autonomous vehicle data?

The topic of the business of autonomous vehicle data includes:

  • Learning about what is autonomous vehicle data and how it can be used in a business setting.
  • AI in the car
  • Digital twins in the car
  • V2V or V2X data
  • Car cognition data
  • The business models of autonomous vehicle data and industry best practices
  • Data disintermediation
  • Data democratization using blockchain
  • Service models and more
  • Technology of data
  • Privacy by design
  • Analytics on the edge

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