Begin a 5G and IoT journey with this comprehensive guide

Last updated:December 2019

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5G will chip away at one of IoT's most prevalent challenges, network connectivity, if organizations can learn its potential uses and understand how 5G and IoT work together in each industry.

Organizations often use IoT devices in remote areas to monitor variables in inconvenient places, such as the pressure in an underground water utility pipe, the moisture levels of soil on a farm or the location of assets on the move. However, the network connection for each of these IoT sensor use cases might not be strong enough to reliably transmit data. That's where 5G and IoT combine to sustain the network connection for various situations.

Use this guide to learn how 5G fits into the IoT project puzzle with other innovative technology, such as AI and edge computing, and get ideas on how to improve an organization with 5G and IoT.

1How 5G and IoT will influence the fourth industrial revolution

Some IT professionals believe 5G will revolutionize the tech industry through its increased network speed. Combined with IoT, it will extend the network of connected devices, change the supply chain of products and transform user experiences. Learn more about what the introduction and maturation of 5G networking means and how it will interact with other tech innovations.

2How organizations can prepare for 5G and IoT

Even though 5G will reduce network latency, it is not the perfect fix for IoT connectivity. 5G will create challenges when applied to IoT when organizations try to scale up or secure the growing attack surface. These tips offer suggestions on how to apply 5G capabilities and minimize its disadvantages in IoT projects -- such as through the use of the cloud and Kubernetes -- and where to start securing networks from edge to edge.

3What does 5G mean for different industries?

5G provides networks with many advantages over previous network generations, but the real opportunity is how organizations can tailor 5G and IoT technology to fit their own needs. Organizations can use 5G with IoT sensors for maintaining their machines, tracking assets and creating better customer experiences. Explore the IoT uses that 5G connectivity will enable in five different vertical industries.

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