TechTarget News - Week of Dec 27, 2015

Top 10 mobile and BYOD stories of 2015

For mobile device management, 2015 was the year enterprise IT fully embraced the trend for bring your own device (BYOD) programmes

CIO interview: Chris Hewertson, CTO at hotel group GLH

Chris Hewertson combines the responsibilities of a chief technology officer and CIO with the aim of customer-focused technology transformation

SDN development gets serious in 2016

Next year is expected to be a breakout year for SDN development, as a large number of enterprises and service providers take their projects into production.

How to foster an IT team culture that breeds success

Team culture is hard to foster and difficult to maintain. CIOs Jack Wood and Paul Brady offered their tips to fellow CIOs at the recent SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit.

Top 10 retail IT stories in 2015

Computer Weekly looks over what 2015 meant for the world of retail IT as the shift to omni-channel made the consumer king

The IT pioneers on the 2016 honours list

This year's honours list features many from the IT world for service to the technology industry, equality and Stem education

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