TechTarget News - Week of May 22, 2016

CIOs enjoying greater business influence, finds survey

A Harvey Nash and KMPG CIO survey finds CIOs are becoming more influential in their businesses, but struggle with challenges such as skills shortages and cyber security

UK emergency services upgrade set to save lives

The UK government introduces an open standard for emergency services’ IT systems to improve the speed and efficiency of responses to incidents

Theme park company rides with Simplivity hyper-converged

International theme park operator Merlin Entertainments dumps servers and storage and replaces them with Simplivity hyper-converged infrastructure at 124 sites worldwide

Dutch mastering the art of big data analysis

Gathering and analysing huge amounts of data offers the promise of business efficiency and new opportunities. We look at what this all means for the once-cautious Dutch

CIO interview: Brad Dowden, Airswift

Recruitment firm’s new CIO wants to help the business make the most of IT and use technology to improve speed and efficiency

UK government announces CyberFirst bursary scheme

GCHQ will partner with other government departments and private industry to offer students a comprehensive package of financial assistance and cyber skills

The emergence of the Creative CIO

A new kind of transformational and strategic CIO has started to appear, willing to harness disruption techniques and add value to the organisation

Huawei sues Samsung alleging patent violations

Huawei has filed lawsuits in China and the US, accusing Samsung of infringing a number of its patents relating to mobile technologies

Atos hits Rio 2016 Olympics IT milestone

The IT underpinning the 2016 Olympics in Rio enters a critical phase as one of its essential event management systems starts to work

IoT increases cyber and legal risk, say experts

Organisations embracing the internet of things must be aware of the information security and legal liability risks, experts warn

Should IT be looking at a Cisco alternative?

This week, bloggers debate whether it would be better if the industry found a Cisco alternative and reveal what one survey indicated will be the top IT priorities in 2016.

Failing fast: A lesson in semantics

Two digital officers weigh in on why the term "failing fast" doesn't work for their organizations.

Maximize growth through sales collaboration

OHL, a global supply chain management company, grew sales with successful collaboration between sales teams and marketers.

UK government details plans for National Cyber Security Centre

The objectives of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre are to address systemic vulnerabilities, reduce risks, respond to serious incidents and nurture national cyber security capability

GDS begins publication of PSN performance data

The government makes public data gleaned from its monitoring of the performance of the Public Services Network to help customers understand their networks

European Commission endorses UK broadband plans through 2020

The European Commission gives the thumbs up to the UK’s National Broadband Scheme, designed to extend next-generation broadband access as far as possible by 2020

Exploding IoT attack surface not an immediate threat to business

Companies should take care of the security vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure, cloud back-ends and mobile applications in preparation for the challenges of IoT, says Adrzej Kawalec

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