TechTarget News - Week of Oct 16, 2016

Dubai smart city will be the talk of GITEX

Global experts in urban planning and smart technology will discuss the important role Dubai will play in supporting the development of smart cities in the Middle East broadband proving popular among European operators

Ahead of Broadband World Forum, an Ovum report reveals high levels of interest in delivery technology, particularly among major European operators with large copper networks

Bromley signs two-year extension with Liberata

London borough’s contract with Liberata will not end until 2020 as the local authority signs an extension worth up to £22m

Business and GDPR to drive consumer identity projects

Business demand for consumer identity management capability is growing to enable new business models, improve customer engagement and ensure General Data Protection Regulation compliance, says KuppingerCole

Desktop virtualisation growth to continue in Asean region

Despite barriers such as cost of implementation and customer preference for mobile technologies, desktop virtualisation will see steady growth in the Asean region

Businesses underprepared for GDPR, study shows

Lack of consumer and regulatory understanding, combined with low technical and cultural preparedness, represents a major threat to revenue and brand value, according to a Symantec state of privacy report

More want containers but storage is not up to the job

Containers offer a rapid and flexible way to deploy apps, but many are put off by lack of storage management support and scalability in SAN and NAS systems, says Portworx survey

VMworld 2016: VMware progresses its hybrid strategy

Following its partnership with AWS, VMware is honing its hybrid strategy with a suite of tools to manage workloads accros private and public clouds

VMware-AWS hybrid cloud challenges OpenStack

The VMware-AWS hybrid cloud partnership pressures OpenStack supporters to simplify deployment of the open source cloud platform in the enterprise.

Cyber security is about big team efforts, says CNI expert

Cyber security requires a team approach, based on a good understanding of the threat, to achieve effective resilience, according to Barrie Millett of the Cyber Rescue Alliance

Saving Lauri Love: activists plan their next move

An eclectic bunch of activists, charity workers and reformed hackers spent a rainy Sunday afternoon plotting their next move in a campaign to save Lauri Love from extradition to the US on hacking charges

Apprentices flourish in IT services sector

Members of the apprentice scheme at UK IT services firm MCSA tell Computer Weekly why university was not the natural progression for them

BT plans more rural FTTP digs as demand for ultrafast grows

At Broadband World Forum in London, BT showed off improved FTTP and broadband delivery technology, and set its sights on expanding ultrafast services to rural areas

Knowing the business is key to security, says consultant

Security must be based on real-world business needs and practices as traditional perimeter-based security is no longer working, says independent security consultant Brian Honan

VMworld 2016 vox pop: VMware users cool about VSAN

As VMware announces upgrades to its VSAN hypervisor-based storage software, event attendees seem to think it is a costly product and possibly unsuited to high-end use cases

Matt Hancock calls for market to lead on full FTTP broadband

Digital and culture secretary used his keynote speech at Broadband World Forum to call for a national market-led fibre-to-the-premise roll-out, and pledged government support to make it happen

Cloud backup saves data after fire destroys school

Data from The Academy secondary school in the seaside town of Selsey was restored just hours after a fire destroyed most of the premises, thanks to a cloud backup agreement set up a year earlier

VMware hybrid cloud announcement gets reality check

Analysts examine how the VMware hybrid cloud announcement pits the vendor against OpenStack and Azure, and they discuss must-have features in an automation RFP.

Lessons to be learned from attempted $1bn bank heist

Analysis of an attack aimed at stealing $1bn reveals important lessons for cyber defenders, says BAE Systems head of threat intelligence Adrian Nish

Many firms failing on crucial customer experience in digital era

Only through collaboration between all customer-facing parts of a business can it deliver the customer experience that is crucial to survival in the digital era, according to CXP Group consultant Nicole Dufft

Digital health technology poised to help an aging population

Startups and established mHealth and health IT vendors showcase care coordination and telehealth apps, while speakers talk about tech tools for the elderly and mentally ill.

No endgame for cyber security, says Mikko Hypponen

Two of the most valuable lessons in cyber security are to know your enemy and not to rely on users to be secure, according to industry veteran Mikko Hypponen

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