TechTarget News - Week of Oct 16, 2016

Dubai smart city will be the talk of GITEX

Global experts in urban planning and smart technology will discuss the important role Dubai will play in supporting the development of smart cities in the Middle East

VMware-AWS hybrid cloud challenges OpenStack

The VMware-AWS hybrid cloud partnership pressures OpenStack supporters to simplify deployment of the open source cloud platform in the enterprise.

Saving Lauri Love: activists plan their next move

An eclectic bunch of activists, charity workers and reformed hackers spent a rainy Sunday afternoon plotting their next move in a campaign to save Lauri Love from extradition to the US on hacking charges

Matt Hancock calls for market to lead on full FTTP broadband

Digital and culture secretary used his keynote speech at Broadband World Forum to call for a national market-led fibre-to-the-premise roll-out, and pledged government support to make it happen

Cloud backup saves data after fire destroys school

Data from The Academy secondary school in the seaside town of Selsey was restored just hours after a fire destroyed most of the premises, thanks to a cloud backup agreement set up a year earlier

VMware hybrid cloud announcement gets reality check

Analysts examine how the VMware hybrid cloud announcement pits the vendor against OpenStack and Azure, and they discuss must-have features in an automation RFP.

Lessons to be learned from attempted $1bn bank heist

Analysis of an attack aimed at stealing $1bn reveals important lessons for cyber defenders, says BAE Systems head of threat intelligence Adrian Nish

Digital health technology poised to help an aging population

Startups and established mHealth and health IT vendors showcase care coordination and telehealth apps, while speakers talk about tech tools for the elderly and mentally ill.

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