TechTarget News - Week of Jan 22, 2017

Lloyds Bank hit by massive DDoS attack

It has emerged that UK banks have been targeted by a DDoS campaign that affected services intermittently only at the Lloyds Banking Group

Cloud storage for enterprise use should spike in 2017

Storage CTOs predict enterprise cloud adoption will increase in 2017, with a boost from new development and management technologies to assist with planning and deployment.

Enterprise flash storage to speed up in 2017

CTOs at leading storage vendors predict speed and latency breakthroughs with new NVMe-based enterprise flash and upcoming memory technologies in 2017 and beyond.

SEC to investigate the Yahoo breach disclosures

The SEC has requested more information for potential cases concerning whether the Yahoo breach disclosures could have come sooner.

GDS signals intent to move public sector off PSN

Government Digital Service’s Technology Leaders Network determines that the internet is an adequate solution to support the vast majority of public sector work

Microsoft’s cloud privacy battle may go to US Supreme Court

The US Department of Justice is considering going to the Supreme Court after an appeals court refused to revisit its July 2016 landmark ruling blocking government access to Microsoft servers in Ireland

Security spending leaving data vulnerable, study finds

Cyber breaches are increasing despite increased security spending, a study shows, highlighting that security investment decisions are not aligned with actual cyber threats

Software creation is not for every startup

While it may be beneficial in the long run, creating AI software requires patience, investment and the right cast of employees. For one company, the investment paid off.

Microsoft defeats DOJ appeal in cloud data privacy case

Microsoft notches another win in its battle to protect cloud data privacy, as an appeals court quashes the DOJ appeal over a warrant for data stored in an Ireland data center.

Cloud migration challenges continue to vex enterprises

Analysts discuss how providers can support cloud migrations, how workflow automation aids digital transformation, and Zoom's position in the cloud video market.

Google creates its own root certificate authority

Google is expanding its certificate authority capabilities by creating its own root certificate authority, but experts are unsure of Google's plans moving forward.

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