TechTarget News - Week of Aug 12, 2018

Millions of businesses vulnerable to fax-based cyber attack

Hackers could exploit security vulnerabilities in fax machines to launch cyber attacks in millions of organisations around the world, researchers warn, underlining the need for cyber resilience

Veeam: Pushing the services opportunity

In an on-going series of Q&A's with channel executives the questions this time were put to Greg Bailey, director channel and cloud, Veeam UK and Ireland.

HP Inc to kit out new Spurs stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is building a technically advanced stadium to take fan experience to new heights. It will include zBook workstations, as used on the International Space Station

UK firms concerned about cyber arms race

Continuous investment and activity are key in the cyber arms race, according to Databarracks, as research shows UK firms are worried about keeping up with security challenges

Government pumps £51m into Welsh tech hub

Chancellor Philip Hammond promises £51m in additional investment for researchers and entrepreneurs to drive tech innovation in Wales

Banks lead in digital era fraud detection

All e-commerce businesses should follow the banks’ lead in how to detect fraud in the digital era, says RSA fraud and risk expert

ICO strengthens commitment to technology and innovation

Information Commissioner’s Office has demonstrated its commitment to technology and innovation by appointing a new executive director to focus on this area

New Seagate Nytro SSD line uses Toshiba 3D NAND chips

Seagate shows off its first triple-level cell, 64-layer 3D NAND Nytro SSDs since investing in Toshiba NAND. Analysts wonder if the HDD giant waited too long to get serious about flash.

Rubrik backup helps Castilleja School move to cloud

California school sees Rubrik converged data protection and AWS S3 as key building blocks for a multi-cloud strategy, with archiving as the first step.

How Unit4 punches above its weight in APAC

The supplier of enterprise resource planning software is giving users the ability to tweak its software easily without the need for consultants, turning the traditional enterprise software business model on its head

FBI warns of global ATM cyber crime spree

The FBI has issued a warning to banks that cyber criminals are planning to steal millions in a coordinated worldwide attack on cash machines

UK banks under pressure to improve downtime reporting under new FCA rules

To make it easier for customers to compare and switch between current account providers, UK banks are under pressure to improve their reporting processes for downtime and security incidents

Driverless cars heading for Bromley and Croydon

A 10-month data-gathering exercise will pave the way for an autonomous vehicle ride-sharing service to start operation in 2019

Channel still has plenty of work to do around GDPR

The data protection regulations might have been in place for a few months but there are still plenty of customers not yet up to speed and chances for the channel to make a difference

Phishing remains top fraud enabler, RSA reports

Phishing is the most popular way of enabling fraud for cyber criminals, who are also increasingly using rogue mobile apps, mobile browsers and social media, a report reveals

Digital projects failing because of poor databases

Legacy databases are unsuitable to run modern digitisation initiatives. Teams risk losing their jobs if their projects fail, warns Couchbase

Amanda Rousseau talks about computer forensics investigations

Amanda Rousseau, aka Malware Unicorn, discusses her time in computer forensics investigations with the DoD, as well as the joys of reverse engineering malware encryption by hand.

New Quantum backup appliance brings Veeam to tape

Integrated disk backup appliances are now common, but Quantum and Veeam have taken the converged architecture to tape backups to eliminate the need for a dedicated external server.

BP Logix BPM tool packs AI features in latest release

With BP Logix's latest BPM platform release, predictive analytics comes to BPM without a posse of data scientists. The AI tools inside could fill BPM's machine learning gap.

SAP Concur creates Slack bot for booking flights

SAP Concur has created a Slack bot for booking travel and reporting expenses, as Slack doubles down on an approach to team collaboration centered on third-party integrations.

Amanda Rousseau on becoming a cybersecurity researcher

Cybersecurity researcher Amanda Rousseau discusses the relationship between the infosec community and law enforcement and how to create the next generation of white hat hackers.

GE rumors highlight digital culture hardship for CIOs

The rumors that GE is putting pieces of its vaunted GE Digital unit on the chopping block spread like wildfire. True or not, here's why CIOs should be taking notes.

August Patch Tuesday closes CPU bug, two zero-day exploits

Administrators have their work cut out for them, with more than 60 vulnerabilities to handle for August Patch Tuesday, after reeling from the effects of a bad batch of July updates.

Alibaba eyes retail sector with new cloud offerings

Chinese cloud supplier says retailers will be able to use its machine learning platform to understand consumer preferences, among a slew of services it is making available globally for the first time

Intel releases fix for latest chip security flaws

Businesses and consumers are advised to download security updates from Intel for new security flaws that could allow attackers to access protected data, but some cloud providers could see a performance impact

LAN3 looking for growth

The networking specialist is looking to start its second decade of existence with its sights set on growth

Synaxon gives greater voice to MSPs

The channel services group will be listening more to its managed service focused members to make sure it is heading in the right strategic direction

LinkedIn Sales Navigator refresh adds deals pipeline

LinkedIn overhauls Sales Navigator with deals management, Adobe Sign and Office 365 integrations, new search tools and mobile deal pages and direct connection to product team.

ICS security at risk in key verticals, report shows

The security of industrial control systems (ICS) is at risk in key verticals due to under staffing, under investment and human error, a report reveals

Apple faces strong competition from Amazon

As Apple is set to become the first trillion dollar company, a strong rival is only just behind – and it's not Google or Samsung.

McAfee threat research team uncovers healthcare security risks

The McAfee advanced threat research team has shown that a weak communications protocol can lead to a 'man-in-the-middle' attack that could be hazardous to a patient's health.

Microsoft Skype for Business update fixes Mac bugs

Microsoft has released a semi-annual Skype for Business update for on-premises users that includes several bug fixes and feature enhancements for the platform's Mac client.

New Dell EMC 100 GbE switch tailored for east-west traffic

The latest Dell EMC 100 GbE switch is an open system aimed at service providers and large enterprises. The Z9264F is a 2RU system, with 64 100 GbE ports. Pricing starts at $45,000.

Industrial cloud moving from public to hybrid systems

A new survey by ABI Research indicates that manufacturers will move IIoT systems from public cloud to hybrid systems as more storage and processing can be done at the device level.

Australian enterprises warming up to DevOps

The burgeoning DevOps culture in Australia has attracted new market players and led major banks and telcos to embrace the movement to get development and operations teams working in unison

Google Chrome flaw puts privacy at risk

Imperva security researcher urges Google Chrome users to update to the latest version after discovering a vulnerability that could be exploited to uncover private data

Lidl dumps €500m SAP project

Discount supermarket chain Lidl has spent millions on a SAP Hana system, and found it will need to spend even more to make it work

Privacy concerns driving security spending

Forecasts of what will happen with worldwide spending on security over the next couple of years means those developing a MSSP approach should be in a strong position

Global infosec spending to top $114bn in 2018, says Gartner

The need for improved detection, response and privacy is driving the demand for security products and services in response to security risks, business needs and industry changes, Gartner reveals

HMRC goes live with first phase of customs IT system

HMRC’s Customs Declaration Service is now live, and a small group of importers can use the system to make ‘certain types of supplementary declarations’

Industry excitement as Stem A-level numbers rise

The number of students taking and achieving grades in A-levels related to science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) is on the rise this year, giving the industry hope for the future

Trump sparks speculation after repealing cyber attack restraints

The US president has sparked speculation about US policy on launching cyber attacks by repealing Obama-era restraints, underlining the need for international rules on cyber warfare

Finalized TLS 1.3 update has been published at last

The finalized TLS 1.3 update has been published after a four-year process. The new protocol promises to be faster and more secure than its predecessor, TLS 1.2.

Cisco revenues up, customers warming to new products

Cisco revenues in the last quarter rose 6% as businesses took advantage of a strong economy to refresh networks and deploy new products.

Chief data officer skills tested by AI tech blitz

A reporter's notebook from a recent MIT symposium provides insights on chief data officer needs, as the AI wave starts to hit CDOs and affects them more than most other tech trends.

CIOs being welcomed back to marketing

The role of CIOs in shaping the technology buying decisions of marketers is being reinstated as more marketers realise the importance of integrating their services with IT systems

ASEAN firms need to overcome DevOps hurdles

Southeast Asia has had pockets of success with DevOps, but most organisations across the region will need to overcome cultural and legacy challenges to succeed

Apple confirms teen hacker took no customer data

Teenage “fan” who broke into Apple’s mainframe from his home in Melbourne is believed to have downloaded 90GB of secure files, but no customer data

Cyber Security Challenge UK to scale up

Cybersecurity Challenge UK plans to scale up its events and its role in coordinating UK industry efforts to attract talented people to the cyber security profession

Home Office preps for migration of police IT systems to AWS cloud

Digital Marketplace tender document reveals the Home Office is on the hunt for an IT supplier to support its work in migrating core police IT systems from an on-premise datacentre to the AWS cloud

Microsoft and Amazon sync AI voice assistants Alexa, Cortana

The integration of the AI voice assistants Alexa and Cortana combines Amazon's familiarity among consumers with Microsoft's adjacency to office productivity software.

ICS security fails the Black Hat test

Industrial control systems hit the mainstream at Black Hat this year, with over two dozen program sessions tackling different angles of the subject. The takeaway: Vendors still aren't really trying.

Intel disclosed Spectre-like L1TF vulnerabilities

News roundup: Intel disclosed L1TF vulnerabilities with similarities to Spectre, but with a focus on data. Plus, the NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act is now a law, and more.

Mavenlink M-Bridge tether professional services automation silos

Service organizations get a built-in integration platform with Mavenlink M-Bridge, a professional services automation platform to standardize API integrations for systems-of-record apps.

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