TechTarget News - Week of Feb 26, 2023

How Dell is future-proofing its business

Dell Technologies is building a more resilient supply chain, investing in growth areas like edge and multicloud, and responding to shifts in consumption models to position itself for long-term growth

Scotland launches data strategy for health and social care

The five-year strategy aims to make it easier for people to access their own health and social care data, improve data flows between organisations, and transform the way data is used to enhance services

Vast Data expands data services for file and object

Vast Data Universal Storage brought out data services, including set performance, metadata cataloging, better security, container integration and snapshots.

MWC 2023: ICT infrastructure investment to drive Industry 4.0

Study reveals how digital economy will account for more than half of global GDP by end of 2023 and how growth of 5G and intergenerational evolution of connectivity technology will increase global economic benefits by approximately 15%

MWC 2023: GSMA launches open network API initiative

Looking to support its industry in what it believes will be a new era of digital services and mobile apps, mobile trade association announces initiative designed to provide universal access to operator networks for developers to boost quality of experience

Korea telecom giant SKT doubles down on AI

SKT plans to broaden the use of AI across its business, from delivering AI-powered services to improving customer experience using generative AI models

CrowdStrike: Threat actors shifting away from ransomware

CrowdStrike's '2023 Global Threat Report' showed a 20% increase in the number of threat actors using data theft and extortion tactics without deploying actual ransomware.

LastPass attack saw employee’s home computer hacked

The ongoing investigation into a series of linked security incidents at LastPass has found that the attacker was successfully able to compromise a developer’s home PC using a vulnerability in a media software package

ClickUp 3.0 built for scalability with AI, universal search

The new platform moves to the modern cloud infrastructure and offers a streamlined inbox, an AI-supported writing tool and universal search to access files across many apps.

Talend adds observability, enhanced ETL to data fabric suite

The vendor's Winter '23 platform update includes a host of new connectors and enhanced automation capabilities, in addition to targeting data observability and data integration.

MWC 23: Beacon Wi-Fi 6E gateway shines for Nokia

Addressing the widespread roll-out of gigabit fibre powered by XGS-PON, comms tech provider unveils its first gateway supporting Wi-Fi 6E to provide premium, high-performance Wi-Fi in the home using high-capacity mesh networking.

Informatica adds free, no-code data integration tool

As part of its effort to make data management available to more than just data experts, the vendor is offering new free and low-cost tools that require little or no code.

Government announces national fintech hub

The UK Treasury has announced a centre for fintech innovation, two years after a major report recommended one

BackupLabs devises SaaS backup for under-protected apps

A new SaaS backup specialist emerges from stealth to protect data in apps such as Trello, GitHub and GitLab, which CEO Rob Stevenson said have been underserved by larger players.

Bitdefender releases decryptor for MortalKombat ransomware

MortalKombat ransomware was first spotted in January, but Bitdefender has already cracked the new variant and released a free decryptor to help victims recover data.

LastPass breach tied to hack of engineer's home computer

LastPass said a threat actor hacked an employee's home computer to access a corporate password vault and steal decryption keys for its product backups and cloud storage resources.

Nearly 40% of software engineers will only work remotely

Hired's annual software engineering study found that remote work is now a competitive hiring differentiator. It also found that younger engineers are at a greater risk of layoffs.

Generative AI-supported tools coming from Pegasystems

CRM platform Pega Infinity will incorporate artificial intelligence language tools for quicker task management, insight visualization and app development.

Qlik to build slew of connectors for data integration suite

The vendor unveiled Connector Factory, a strategy to build hundreds of new connectors for its iPaaS platform to enable users to develop ecosystems for data management and analysis.

ClickUp and Kroll formalise channel offerings

Firms ClickUp and Kroll are both looking to increase support and rewards for partners engaging through a structured ecosystem and partner programme

SBOM graph database aims to be cloud security secret sauce

An open source consortium that includes Google plans to release a deployable beta of the GUAC project this month, a possible milestone for cloud-native SBOM.

Data breaches in Australia on the rise, says OAIC

Cyber security incidents were the cause of most data breaches, which rose by 26% in the second half of 2022, according to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

AWS to open cloud region in Malaysia

Along with a new infrastructure region, AWS plans to invest $6bn in Malaysia by 2037 as it continues to expand its footprint across the Asia-Pacific region

MWC 2023: Huawei chooses not to choose on network energy efficiency

Comms tech firm rebuts assumed binary choice in comms arena and assures simultaneous green ICT and ICT development is possible if the right balance is struck between energy efficiency, renewable energy utilisation and user experience

MWC 2023: Orange taps Ericsson for 5G first in Spain

Leading Spanish telco implements 5G Standalone technology for mobile users, with improved network capabilities designed to transform mobile user experiences

MWC 2023: Netflix pushes back against telcos in net neutrality row

Net neutrality seems to be an itch the European comms industry cannot scratch, and hot on the heels of an intention to get content firms to contribute to the build-out of networks for tomorrow’s services, Netflix takes aim at telcos’ demands

Salt Labs identifies OAuth security flaw within

Security flaw in OAuth implementation could be used to launch account takeovers, but researchers discovered and flagged the issue before it could be exploited in the wild

WH Smith staff data accessed in cyber attack

The retailer has said that customer data has not been affected by the incident as it is held in different systems, and that investigations into the attack are ongoing

Channel alerted to flash storage options

Major vendors are pitching the technology aggressively against disk and looking to the channel to take that message out to users

MWC 2023: IBM and Nokia strike private 5G partnership

Comms tech provider and IT giant become latest to address growing sector so that enterprises can benefit from secure, customised connectivity services enabled by a highly available 5G cloud network

Uber introduces dynamic pricing algorithm in London

The dynamic pricing algorithm will allow Uber to set variable pay and pricing levels, but drivers are concerned about how their personal data will be used and the impact the algorithm will have on their livelihoods

AI interview: Michael Osborne, professor of machine learning

Artificial intelligence researcher speaks with Computer Weekly about the implications of a market-driven AI arms race and the overwhelming dominance of the private sector over the technology

Ransomware attacks ravaged big names in February

While ransomware incidents appear to be decreasing, several high-profile organizations, including Dole, Dish Network and the U.S. Marshals Service, suffered notable attacks.

Microsoft Teams AI updates for chat, Rooms Pro Management

The tech giant's $10 billion investment in OpenAI brings AI-supported updates to its basic Teams offering, on top of features supported by GPT-3.5 to Microsoft Teams Premium.

ChatGPT API sets stage for new wave of enterprise apps

The new API is faster and cheaper than the previous ChatGPT interface, and users can opt out of submitting their data to it, opening new doors for enterprise developers.

TigerGraph enhances fundamentals in latest platform update

Following recent updates that centered on query languages and machine learning, the graph database vendor's newest update includes new data ingestion and DevOps capabilities.

Dell Q4 numbers add to picture of PC woe

Vendor joins Lenovo and HP in describing a tough end to last year, as commercial and consumer demand for hardware dropped

MWC 2023: 5.5G to deliver true promise of 5G

As 5G adoption accelerates, industry leaders are already getting ready for the next-generation of mobile technology, and looking at new 5G innovations that are strengthening the sector's foundations

White House unveils National Cybersecurity Strategy

The strategy will focus on ensuring closer collaboration on cyber security between government and industry, while giving software and other tech companies a bigger role in combatting threats due to their resources and expertise

A question at HR Tech: Will ChatGPT take HR jobs?

ChatGPT has sparked interest about its effect on HR. It could offer HR new capabilities, such as generating job ads, but there are concerns about errors and bias.

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