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August 2018, Vol. 1, No. 3

Microservices development will fail with monolithic mindset

As monolithic applications become barriers to business agility, many organizations are breaking them down into microservices that are independently scalable and thus more cloud compatible. In theory, microservices development should be simple -- at least when compared to building traditional monolithic apps. It's logical that small dev teams plus smaller apps and faster deployment would equal greater business agility. That equation, however, doesn't add up when organizations stick with traditional development approaches and technologies that don't fit the unique requirements of microservices. Microservices development brings some common traps, and teams coming from monolithic application backgrounds may be caught off guard, said Bartosz Jedrzejewski, lead developer for UK consultancy Scott Logic. Monolithic approaches to DevOps and configuration and dependency management, for example, often fail to handle the diversity and large number of microservices. Tools for building, deploying and managing microservices are available, but ...

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