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August 2018, Vol. 1, No. 3

Benefits of infrastructure as code range from speed to scaling

While there are differing ideas about what exactly constitutes infrastructure as code, experts tend to agree that IaC holds potential transformative power. The central concept is built around automation. "With IaC, you can automate more of the infrastructure," said Jay Lyman, an analyst at 451 Research. Companies such as Chef, Puppet and Ansible, he noted, have been talking about this kind of IT automation and using declarative language for quite a while. Although adoption is hard to measure, Lyman believes many organizations recognize the benefits of infrastructure as code, at least in concept. Tools that aim to automate the management of large-scale environments through declarative or desired state rules, such as HashiCorp Terraform or AWS CloudFormation, are also part of the IaC spectrum. That declarative concept refers to instructions needed to get an environment to meet certain conditions. It is often contrasted with the imperative approach, which provides specific definitions for the environment. Among the benefits of ...

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