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August 2018, Vol. 1, No. 3

Emotional intelligence in the workplace makes a difference

In my first years as a technology consultant, I would tell my clients, "You have to do abc because it is better." Most clients nodded. I am certain not many believed me. One day, a consultant colleague challenged me with, "Why is it better?" I stuttered and may have mumbled, "Because, obviously." And then I never said it again. The ability to educate on a subject, to explain it and its applicability to someone else, is directly proportional to one's own understanding. I needed to apply emotional intelligence in the workplace, and, clearly, my understanding of the situation was lacking in the above example. I realized later just how ignorant and robotic I was in those days. I was copying and reusing others' statements as gospel, unable to apply sufficient context and nuance to decisions and advice. This particular time in my life was rife with Agile transformations. Consultants would parachute into an organization -- usually at great expense to the client -- and attempt to change much of what they were doing. Why? To make them ...

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Software Quality
  • How to test a predictive model

    Strategies for testing predictive models and analytics emphasize data quality, real-time testing and code redundancy, as well as ...

  • The dos and don'ts of visual testing

    The visual aspect of an application is an important part of UX. Defects can potentially result in lost sales and damaged ...

  • 3 QA testing tools to consider

    QA testers need to be able to put applications and APIs through their paces. Here are some examples of tools that can help with ...

App Architecture
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