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The advancing role of data-centric developers

More than ever, increases in data-centric developer reliance, data sources and users push developers to understand IT purchasing to provide more value to data.

The days of creating data-generating systems for a single operational or analytics application are over. Because of this, developers must become more data-centric to increase business agility and empower data consumers -- including internal teams, partners and customers. Data-centric developers are expanding their sphere of influence on IT purchasing decisions and maximizing the value of data.

Modern data is increasingly dynamic and reusable. It flows across various applications, workflows and other areas throughout an organization. It is used -- and reused -- by more information stakeholders than ever before. This presents both challenges and opportunities for the technology vendors who support data-specific needs.

Digital transformation has changed the developer's role

As the business value of data continues to increase, so does the importance of the developer who works with that data. Developers are now getting a seat at the table to make strategic decisions due to their broad exposure to modern data platforms, new data applications, as well as users and demands for real-time data.

Recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research shows that data is central to all businesses in one form or another. Roughly one out of every five organizations is purely data-fueled in its core business. Meanwhile, more than one-third of organizations surveyed said they offer both tangible and information-based products and services.

Source: 'ESG Brief: Data Is the Business'

More data? More reliance on developers

Data-driven organizations provide new challenges for developers. Data volumes and sources are growing at a rapid pace. These sources include enterprise applications, IoT, data streaming, 5G applications, social media, geospatial trackers and more. Organizations must also address the expanding list of real-time data users, such as consumers, business stakeholders, application users, data scientists and supply chain partners.

A new persona is emerging for the data-centric developer to embrace. There are formidable challenges presented by growing data sources and data users who demand fast, accurate data in consumable formats to drive business decisions and revenue for the organization. Due to these challenges in a changing occupation -- something that is affecting the CIO role as well -- developer jobs are evolving, and vendors should understand their specific needs and influences.

Stay tuned for upcoming ESG research that will take an in-depth look at the new persona of the data-centric developer, as we'll dig deep into their role and uncover how vendors can gain their interest.

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