ShieldX adds lateral movement security for cloud protection

In an effort to prevent lateral movement from cybercriminals within the cloud, ShieldX has added East-West security to its Elastic Security Platform for AWS.

ShieldX has added lateral movement prevention to its Elastic Security Platform for Amazon Web Services to better protect against attacks within the cloud.

Also known as East-West security, lateral movement prevention adds the ability to see how threats spread between assets within the environment. Previously, AWS users only had the ability to monitor traffic in and out. According to ShieldX, users will be able to view traffic, identify anomalies and block attacks inside AWS VPCs and subnets.

In East-West attacks, cybercriminals target weak entry points and then move laterally, working one step at a time to steal credentials, manipulate controls and disable backups, while masquerading as legitimate users.

With the new release, security teams can track and monitor for exploits that attackers or worms use, propagation of malware, anomalous behavior of workloads, sensitive data movement and anomalies, and pivot indicators to indicate successful breaches and prevent further spread.

ShieldX also claims it improves microsegmentation capabilities by helping enterprises eliminate a flat network and perform threat prevention with deep packet inspection as organizations move to the public cloud.

Guardicore Centra also offers a security platform that helps protect against lateral attacks. According to Guardicore, the transformation from traditional data center models to cloud and hybrid cloud centers created a "larger and more complex security attack surface."

In late 2018, Sophos announced that its newest Sophos XG Firewall iteration would include lateral movement protection. The Sophos firewall works by automatically interacting with Sophos' endpoint products to deliver protection. The security anchors connect through the "Security Heartbeat" in Sophos' Synchronized Security technology to proactively predict and protect against threats, as well as detect and prevent further infection by isolating machines.

For pricing information, interested customers can visit ShieldX for a free estimate.

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