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Eight tips to roll a service or app into an AWS deployment


Relieve common AWS migration, integration headaches

Source:  Akindo/Getty Images
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

While an AWS migration presents a myriad of challenges on its own, it can be similarly vexing to integrate a new service into an existing AWS deployment.

A public cloud provider, such as AWS, typically provides a menu of discrete, metered cloud resources, and IT teams must assemble them to meet their needs. Whether they want to start an AWS migration from scratch or integrate a new service into an existing cloud environment, cloud architects must provision an adequate number of instances to support workloads.

Although AWS and other cloud providers seek to automate many operations, IT teams must account for changing workload demands, balance network traffic, plan for service disruptions, maintain security, and monitor performance and costs.

Use the following advice to successfully migrate an enterprise workload to the AWS public cloud, or to integrate a new cloud service into your AWS deployment.

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