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Cloud BI systems step into the enterprise light

Cloud business intelligence and analytics systems were greatly outnumbered by on-premises BI environments until recently. But they've become much more prevalent, according to Gartner.

Most new deployments are cloud-based, the consulting firm said in its 2018 Magic Quadrant report on analytics and BI platforms. The report, published in February 2018, noted that some BI vendors now only offer their software in the cloud, while others have adopted a cloud-first approach to adding new features.

Likewise, market researcher Dresner Advisory Services noted in a March 2018 report that its annual surveys of enterprise users showed "a steady progression of cloud BI awareness and adoption," to the point where reported use of the cloud for BI and analytics was just under 50% in the 2018 survey -- nearly double the usage rate in 2016.

This handbook offers sound advice on migrating on-premises BI and analytics systems to the cloud. First, consultants and IT vendors discuss what to consider when planning and executing a migration strategy. Next, we provide helpful tips on how to make the move to the cloud without running up a bigger-than-expected bill. And we close with a look at TechTarget survey results that also point to increased interest in cloud business intelligence and analytics among enterprise users.

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