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Domo streamlines embedded analytics platform

The vendor released a new version of Domo Everywhere, streamlining the embedded BI platform to make it easier to develop and distribute applications.

Domo on Tuesday unveiled the latest version of its embedded analytics platform, adding new capabilities while updating others and consolidating all of them under a single umbrella.

Domo, a cloud-based analytics vendor founded in 2010 and based in American Fork, Utah, first rolled out Domo Everywhere in 2017.

At the time of its release, the embedded analytics platform was made up of three distinct offerings.

Domo White Label enabled customers to develop their own analytics applications and market them to their own customers under their own brand. Domo Embed enabled customers to build and embed basic applications such as reports and dashboards. And Domo Publish enabled to users to share their analytic assets both with others in their organizations and with outside customers.

The updated version of Domo Everywhere, which is now generally available, combines the three offerings into a single experience so users can more easily and quickly build and distribute embedded applications. In March, Domo similarly streamlined its access to cloud data platforms, developing a single interface in which customers can use data across multiple platforms.

In addition, the new iteration of Domo Everywhere enables users to build, market and share more advanced analytics applications -- including machine learning models and other assets built using augmented intelligence capabilities -- than they could using previous iterations of Domo Everywhere, according to the vendor.

Key to the new release is customers' ability to extend the capabilities of Domo Everywhere down to their own customers, and do so with low- and no-code customization, according to Jay Heglar, Domo's chief business officer.

A sample dashboard from Domo.
A sample dashboard from Domo displays an organization's manufacturing data.

"What's super new and differentiated about our experience and future proof is Domo is essentially putting the platform we built in the hands of our customers to deliver very uniquely differentiated experiences for their customers," he said. "It's basically running Domo as a service for their own customers in a highly curated manner."

In addition, Heglar said Domo Everywhere can handle big data at scale.

Because the entire Domo analytics platform was built cloud-first, it doesn't face some of the limitations of on-premises platforms and runs no matter how much data a customer may have, Heglar said. One customer in the gaming industry, he noted, delivers half a trillion rows of data to its software developers.

"This experience provides unlimited scale," he said. "Customers use us for massive scale use cases because we're cloud-first."

Donald Farmer, founder and principal of TreeHive Strategy, said the vendor's approach with Domo Everywhere is a differentiator.

By enabling users such as consultants to build customized applications using Domo and then sell those analytics applications to their own customers, the vendor is opening up its capabilities to a wider array of potential users.

A lot of work, however, had to go into enabling customers to build applications that they could then package and sell. Domo had to hide the fact that it's Domo the consultants are using, Farmer said, including building in a governance framework to ensure that intellectual property can be protected as consultants build applications and then enable their customers to build applications.

The focus of Domo Everywhere is not just to embed artifacts into customers' applications, but to embed a data platform.
Donald FarmerFounder and principal, TreeHive Strategy

"It's an innovative approach," Farmer said. "It doesn't sound very exciting technologically, but it's all required to make this happen."

In addition, Farmer noted that the technological advancements Domo has made to Domo Everywhere over time now enable users to embed far more than just basic analytic assets in their applications.

"The focus of Domo Everywhere is not just to embed artifacts into customers' applications, but to embed a data platform," he said. "Four years ago, you could embed charts, graphs and cards into an application, but what they've enabled now is embedding an entire data platform so you can do advanced analytics like data mining and machine learning."

While Domo Everywhere is now available, the impetus to develop the new version came from a combination of Domo's existing plans for the platform and customer feedback, according to Heglar.

The goal of the company when it was first founded was to enable all employees in an organization to work with data, he said. Embedded analytics is one means of moving toward that end, supplying end users with business intelligence assets within their everyday workflows, and Domo Everywhere was developed to enable embedded analytics.

Customers, however, wanted to be able to build their own applications that they could then market under their own name to their customers.

"Our customers have embraced [embedded analytics], but then they've said, 'Yeah, but what about me being able to do this with my customer?'" Heglar said.

With the latest version of Domo Everywhere now available, Domo's roadmap will continue to focus on application development while adding in more AI and ML capabilities to enable more advanced analytics such as predictive modeling, according to Heglar.

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