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Domo update adds embedded analytics, multi-cloud capabilities

The latest platform update from Domo includes enhanced embedded BI, AI and multi-cloud capabilities. The features were unveiled during the vendor's virtual user conference.

Enhanced embedded analytics capabilities and more multi-cloud proficiency highlight the latest platform update from Domo.

The vendor, founded in 2010 and based in American Fork, Utah, unveiled the new and upgraded features on Wednesday during Domopalooza 2021, its virtual user conference.

Domo Everywhere is the vendor's hub for embedded analytics tools, and the new capabilities are designed to make it easier for organizations to get data in the hands of their employees throughout their workflows to foster analytics-driven decisions.

Organizations can use the embedded analytics capabilities of Domo Everywhere either within the Domo BI environment or as an OEM feature in concert with tools from other vendors or the organization itself to simplify data sharing, monetize data assets and increase governance of sensitive data, the vendor said.

New multi-cloud proficiency, meanwhile, centers around enabling users to more seamlessly access their data. In an effort to overcome some of the challenges of data access and lack of agility with data, Domo now offers a single interface in which customers can use their data across multiple cloud platforms without having to figure out where the data is coming from and which tools they need to use to access it.

Both the enhancements to Domo Everywhere and single interface to connect to multiple cloud data storage platforms fit into Domo's approach to enable everyone within an organization from the CEO to the frontline worker to use analytics in their job, according to Jay Heglar, Domo's chief business officer.

"We believe that it is about getting data everywhere and putting it in the hands of everybody," he said. "BI is no longer a department. It is a movement that every employee participates in."

In concert with the new multi-cloud proficiency, Domo unveiled an expanded relationship with AWS that follows an enhanced integration with Snowflake that Domo revealed on March 10.

The expanded relationship with AWS includes a new tool called Domo for Amazon Redshift, a native integration between Domo and AWS' cloud data warehouse that makes customers' data more accessible and then more actionable. Also available will be more than 3,400 data products from the AWS Data Exchange in the Domo Appstore that can be brought into Domo and used with other tools, and pre-built dashboards designed in collaboration with AWS.

Taken together, the multi-cloud capabilities and expanded relationships with AWS and Snowflake will have a significant impact for customers, according to Doug Henschen, principal analyst at Constellation Research.

In keeping with the accelerated move to the cloud we've all seen over the last year, I'd say the most significant announcements were those addressing multi-cloud deployment.
Doug HenschenPrincipal analyst, Constellation Research

"In keeping with the accelerated move to the cloud we've all seen over the last year, I'd say the most significant announcements were those addressing multi-cloud deployment," he said. "Domo has made yet more cloud deployment options available by adding the multi-cloud data fabric and the Domo for Redshift and previously announced Domo for Snowflake options."

Similarly, Donald Farmer, principal at TreeHive Strategy, said the partnerships with AWS and Snowflake and improved access to data stored in the cloud are important for Domo.

"This is a pretty significant advance for them," he said. "The multi-cloud capability is part of their ever-improving partner story and their ability to work with all sorts of new platform partners. It's a more open attitude that Domo has been taking for the last couple of years and it's starting to bear fruit."

Beyond the enhanced embedded analytics and cloud-related capabilities, Domo's platform update features a host of Augmented intelligence capabilities that include:

  • Natural Language (NLG) in Narrative Cards, a data storytelling tool that automatically runs complex analysis on data and generates narratives about the data and makes it possible for business users without a background in data science to understand;
  • Dataset Views and Analyzer, a tool that guides business users through analysis, including exploration, visualization and analysis in a single interface; and
  • DDX Bricks, a feature that enables customers to create and deploy custom data visualizations and BI applications without having to write code.

The new embedded BI and AI capabilities are now generally available, while those related to enhanced multi-cloud proficiency will be available later this year.

In addition, just days before Domopalooza, on March 19, the vendor unveiled Domo AutoML, a tool powered by Amazon SageMaker AutoPilot that enables users to quickly develop and deploy machine learning models and automatically trains and tunes them based on data provided by the user.

"The AI is something Domo has been focused on for some time, and they're one of the few companies which is actually bringing real AI rather than just advanced machine learning," Farmer said. "There's a lot more self-learning capability in Domo than people give it credit for. That, for me, is one of the highlights, and of course the improved low-code environment is also going to be very important for them."

Henschen, meanwhile, pointed to the multi-cloud capabilities as a highlight.

"I was most impressed by the multi-cloud, embedded and augmented BI announcements, in that order," he said.

Henschen added that the guided analysis and NLG capabilities are becoming somewhat routine AI features among analytics vendors, but combined with Domo AutoML they make Domo one of the most full-featured cloud-based analytics platforms.

"Together they add up to solid set of advances," he said.

Domo's next series of new features and upgrades will continue to be driven by the vendor's vision of enabling all to use analytics in their work, according to Heglar.

In particular, he said Domo's roadmap will address data agility, which includes such tools as data catalogs and anything related to connecting to and interacting with data; data literacy, including data storytelling and natural language processing to better understand what the data is revealing; and intelligent action, the development of applications to deliver analytic insights.

"BI is fundamentally changing," Heglar said. "It's not just about providing business intelligence, but about helping customers become more intelligent in their business."

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