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AWS collaboration highlights Domo analytics platform update

The new Domo BI platform update features a new collaboration with AWS to enable users to work with third-party data and a low-code tool for developers.

A new collaboration with Amazon Web Services and an enhanced tool to help in-house developers create applications highlight the latest update of the Domo analytics platform, unveiled on Wednesday.

The new features and upgrades are part of the launch of the latest version of the Domo Appstore, and come about six months after Domo -- based in American Fork, Utah, and founded in 2010 -- expanded its management team with the goal of developing more partnerships.

The AWS collaboration will enable users of the Domo analytics suite to access third-party data they've subscribed to from AWS Data Exchange and integrate it directly in Domo in order to use the data throughout their organization.

AWS Data Exchange, meanwhile, is a new service from AWS launched in November that enables subscribers to find and use third-party data in the cloud.

Since the AWS data exchange was introduced in November, Domo has integrated the exchange into its platform and connected directly to more than 1,700 data sources, said Jay Heglar, Domo's chief business officer.

"It's a great two-way partnership and helps us complete that final mile of delivering their content," Heglar said.

In addition to the collaboration with AWS, one of the key features of the Domo analytics platform update is an enhanced software development kit (SDK) to enable developers to build custom applications in days or weeks rather than the months or years it can take to write all the code necessary to build a traditional application.

A sample dashboard from Domo displays an organization's financial operations.
An organization's financial operations are displayed on a sample Domo dashboard.

Domo's low-code SDK, meanwhile, is emblematic of the trend of providing low-code/no-code tools for application development to both expand the number of business users who can take part in the development process and speed up the process for those already trained in application development.

Looker and Yellowfin, among others, are among the BI vendors that have recently released similar tools aimed at developers.

Speed of development and execution are key factors that determine success for digital organizations. Domo's enhancements to expedite app development creates opportunities for businesses to do more and be more competitive.
Scott SinclairAnalyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

"Speed of development and execution are key factors that determine success for digital organizations," said Scott Sinclair, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "Domo's enhancements to expedite app development creates opportunities for businesses to do more and be more competitive."

Beyond the enhanced SDK, the updated Domo Appstore includes: new enterprise applications that use data from different business systems and help modernize finance and sales operations, among other common business functions; new write back connectors designed to increase the speed and performance of workflows; improved navigation to make it easier for users to find the applications best suited for their business; and a public-facing portal to increase access to the Domo analytics platform and Domo applications.

"Staying competitive in this modern era of business demands that firms maximize the value of their digital information by translating data into actionable insights," Sinclair said. "Domo is simplifying these activities, making it easier for digital organizations to make smarter, faster decisions, and improve operations."

The collaboration with AWS and updated Domo Appstore that are now part of the Domo analytics platform come ahead of Domo's annual user conference -- Domopalooza -- in Salt Lake City from March 17-20. Though more upgrades and new features are expected to be revealed at the event, Heglar only hinted at what the vendor will unveil.

"You can take cues from this announcement," he said. "It will be about connectivity and partnerships -- adding to the app spectrum, and more dialog about partnerships and our ecosystem."

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