Cloud computing services adoption could be the answer for security

About a year ago I moderated a panel on cloud computing services adoption in health care. A quick poll of the audience indicated that security was the No. 1 reason why their organizations were not using the cloud or were taking their own sweet time in figuring it out.

The panel of technology vendors tried to assuage fears that security issues could hinder cloud opportunities. One panelist compared the situation to online banking: What once was unheard of is commonplace now.

Still, adoption has been slow — and not coincidentally, because health care is an industry where data privacy has to be part of the fiber of its being. And if the state of security in health care is any indication, the industry has more pressing problems than deciding whether it should go cloud.

That could be the problem, however. Despite the myths about the cloud, maybe it’s where some companies can find more security than they are currently able to enforce themselves. For more information on strategies for making cloud the next step in your enterprise and security strategies, check in on the cloud security virtual seminar Wednesday, Dec. 7.

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