Get cloud computing security in line with enterprise practices

You have been reading a lot about cloud computing on and lately. With good reason: The cloud is the latest game-changer in corporate IT. Sure, there’s the associated hype, but the reality is most CIOs we talk to are taking the cloud seriously.

That is, seriously in terms of how to streamline IT and business operations, but also seriously in terms of the one aspect of cloud computing that gives IT pros pause: security.

At a recent conference I attended for health care CIOs, attendees said that cloud computing security was really their only concern.

The advice from panelists there was that the day will come when we feel as secure about having our personal health information online as we are about having our financial information and accounts online.

This is not a good answer, though, for the question, “How are we going to get there?”

Whatever is the best cloud computing security strategy is already going to be the best security strategy for your own on-site data center: Nonstop diligence, up-to-date technology and monitoring services, and a culture of security in the organization from top to bottom.

Most organizations cannot claim absolute security for their own systems, and until they do, they should worry about cloud initiatives. So start including cloud security in your overall plan to get it in sync with the rest of your operations.

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