Will the outsourcing model be the death of CIOs?

Each week, we scour the Web to track down interesting news pieces and commentary to help you maximize your surfing potential and information consumption. This week, we’ve got analysis of the Kindle Fire’s marketing strategy, concerns about the IT outsourcing model, and tips for negotiations and job interviews.

Is the outsourcing model going to be the death of IT? Vlad Mazek thinks you might be surprised.

 Despite rigid restrictions, North Korea has just reached 1 million active cell phones. Considering that a North Korean citizen was actually executed last year for calling South Korea, that speaks to some hardcore desire for mobility.

 Looking for your next job? Erica Swallow has tips to take control of your next job interview.

Amazon would like you to believe that the Kindle Fire is a service rather than a product. We’re not so sure we buy the rationale.

 The iPhone was a technological breakthrough. Or was it? New Yorker columnist Peter Thiel doesn’t think so.

 Everyone wants to be the smartest person in the room. Lewis Howes thinks that might be your biggest problem.

 Next time you find yourself hammering out your outsourcing model, follow these three easy lessons on better negotiations.

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