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Are you ready to go omnichannel?

They say you can’t be all things to all people, or in a million places at once. Well, “they” are going to fail at business as the age of the customer continues to entwine with the digital age. It’s no longer enough to think multichannel — it’s time to get on board with omnichannel. And if you’re looking for an example of just what this is or why it’s important, look no further than this week’s lead Searchlight item. In it, you’ll find a valuable lesson about how being hyper-customer focused might just save Best Buy (you know, the Amazon showroom many left for dead?). Plus, a company whose social media efforts are miles ahead of above the competition, how the big tech companies like Google and Apple are doing with protecting your data and more.

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Yeah, like this. Only more so.

Yeah, like this. Only more so.

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