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Social shopping -- former mallrats turn to mice

There’s a lot to hate about going to the mall. In fact, after the age of 17, there’s pretty much nothing to like. And yet, there is something about that communal “does this look good on me?” experience folks are allegedly pining for in the age of buying online. Enter social shopping — think your typical Amazon experience dipped in Pinterest with a dash of Facebook and some Twitter. Right now it’s all the rage with investors who fueling with cash these sort of online e-malls/virtual bazaars. And why should CIOs care? Head over to the Searchlight to read more. This week’s installment also features Mark Zuckerberg’s latest charitable (?) endeavor, some troubling outages, a possible end to PowerPoint and more.

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It’s not so much the mall itself that I mind, it’s the other shoppers.

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