Conquering brain drain and big data analytics

Is there anyone out there who didn’t have the longest, hottest week since ever? We’re going to keep this brief, as our brains are more melted than hoax-ified Canadian currency. Good thing this week’s roundup includes some tips on reviving your gray matter. Also, we’ve discovered the only question you need ask to solve your big data analysis dilemma* and some enlightened opinions on why no one (except perhaps Target) should care what Marissa Mayer will be doing in October.


Do you like your brain? Then stop being so mean to it. Check out these tips for preventing brain abuse — including dealing with the evils of the email inbox.

As soon as you finish reading this story about new research on the detrimental effects of too much interwebs, go outside. Please.

If, like so many, you too (U2?) still haven’t found what you’re looking for with big data analysis, maybe you failed to ask the most important question.

As with that Stephen King novel on our summer beach-read list,  we both love and are frightened by this infographic on how personalized sites use personal data.

Finally, in case you missed it, check out our latest CIO Matters column looking at how women in technology are looking at the hoopla over Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

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