Microsoft source code sexually harasses women in technology

Worried that you missed the latest news? Don’t be. We scour the Web and wrangle up the best and brightest from around the blogosphere. This week, we’re looking at the Cybersecurity Bill, creepy WiFi spying and women in technology.

From our latest CIO Matters column on Marissa Mayer’s new role at Yaoo: “Being a female CEO at all is kind of like being a zebra in a rodeo, but being a woman in technology leadership is like being a unicorn.”

The Cybersecurity Bill is alive and well in Congress. New regulations proposed will promise tougher protection of privacy and also authorizes the Department of Homeland Security to set “mandatory standards for critical infrastructure.”

Get your tinfoil hats out: WiFi can be used to detect human presence in a room, even if that person isn’t carrying a WiFi device. Can you say “creepy”?

Note to businesses and politicians: Don’t buy your Twitter followers. People will and do notice.

“When I was your age, portable computers weighed 55 pounds and cost more than a car! You didn’t put them on your lap unless you wanted a broken femur.”

Oh Microsoft. Thanks for making women in technology feel even more objectified.

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