Software vendor evaluation criteria: Sample scorecard templates for IT projects

Need a hand in evaluating prospective vendors or managing your current crop? Here's a sampling of software vendor scorecards and requirements to help you create your own.

Knowing what you want from a software package up front can keep you on track (and on budget) when it comes time to finish your vendor evaluation and make a final selection. Similarly, knowing what you're measuring a current vendor against can help you provide feedback if the company starts to fall short -- if you've been tracking metrics closely enough to notice. That's where vendor scorecard templates come in.

For new projects, scorecards offer an organized way to display important criteria and necessary capabilities -- making vendor evaluations and software comparisons easier and more efficient. By including every requirement or specification on the scorecard, you can determine if the offering meets your needs -- or could, for an additional fee. Weighting different sections of the scorecard can then give you a score against which you can do a vendor or product comparison to choose the product that best meets your needs.

The following sample vendor scorecard templates offer a range of formats and requirements to help you choose the right product for your organization and ensure the vendors you have now are meeting the terms of their contracts.

Templates for vendor management

These software evaluation scorecard templates will help your organization manage the performance of its current stable of vendors.

SOURCE: BizTree Inc.
OFFERING: A basic vendor evaluation template to gauge the performance of vendors you're currently working with or plan to work with in the future.

Templates for choosing, evaluating vendors

Many of these scorecard templates offer sample software evaluation criteria for a specific business function.

TYPE:General vendor evaluation
OFFERING: Excel-based templates that provide a starting point for evaluating and selecting package-based application software.

TYPE: Business intelligence vendor evaluation
SOURCE: Information Management
OFFERING: Information on selecting the appropriate business intelligence vendor and software solution -- including sample questions and a scorecard.

TYPE:Risk management software vendor evaluation
SOURCE:International Risk Management Institute Inc.
OFFERING:Sample product evaluation criteria for risk management tools.

TYPE:Higher-education vendor evaluation
SOURCE: EduCause Quarterly
OFFERING: User-written tips, information and sample scorecards for evaluating hardware vendors and investments.

TYPE: Human resources software vendor evaluation
SOURCE: Software Research Tools
OFFERING: Sample vendor-scripted scenarios and a list of criteria for evaluating human resource management tools.

Have a favorite template you use to manage your vendors or vet new ones? Send it via email [email protected].

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