IT in 2010: Keeping up with the latest IT management trends

Running IT in 2010 requires CIOs to consider ITSM methodologies, vendor contract renegotiations and investments in new technologies. Have you kept up with IT management trends?

With a dreadful 2009 behind them, CIOs are setting out to revamp their IT organizations to respond better and faster to business needs, and still control costs. Many are turning to IT Service Management (ITSM) methodologies, vendor contract renegotiations and new technology investments to achieve these goals.

Have you kept up with the latest IT management trends that will steer your company forward in 2010? Take this quiz to learn more about operating on a limited 2010 budget and using IT vendor management strategies to cut costs and agile methodologies to boost response times.

1. According to Gartner Inc., IT budgets dropped ___ in 2009.

2. To what does Andy Bartels, analyst at Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc., attribute the IT spending boom in such areas as health care utilities and the federal government, as opposed to retail?

3. CIOs looking to introduce a business-facing IT service catalog, as part of an ITSM strategy to reduce waste and realize faster IT response times, should start by taking stock of the utilization rates of the software and hardware they have in place and transforming IT's ________.

4. How did Chris Brady, CIO at Dealer Services Corp., keep business users from pestering the IT department about their IT projects in the queue?

5. The economic downturn is still providing strong incentives for CIOs to practice IT vendor contract management. Also under way are efforts to consolidate vendor contracts and software licenses across ___________ to get better pricing and eliminate contract redundancies.

6. True or false: Some vendors will concede on price reductions if the customer does more business with the vendor.

7. What percentage of respondents to our annual IT Priorities Survey of senior IT executives and managers said they would implement some sort of cloud technology this year?

8. According to our annual IT priorities survey, what is one 2010 technology trend senior IT executives and managers expect will help their organizations save money and help the business grow?

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