Free IT templates for CIOs and technology managers

SearchCIO rounded up free IT templates from around the Web to help technology managers organize their IT departments, projects and service offerings.

Before diving into IT projects, CIOs and technology managers must have all their technology ducks in a row. Not only is it critical that IT executives garner support from upper-level business executives, but they also must ensure that each staff member understands exactly why his or her work reflects the organization's overall mission and goals.

Technology managers can use this SearchCIO roundup of free IT templates from around the Web to bookmark some budget-friendly advice on how to organize your IT department, keep project timelines on track and deliver on IT service expectations. Featured IT templates include those devoted to fishbone diagrams, change management, IT service catalogues and other offerings.

IT organizational structure templates to help staff learn their roles
In any IT organization, it's important that staff know their place, their responsibilities and how they relate to their colleagues. Use these free IT organizational structure charts to illustrate the chain of command for technology staff, outlining how individuals' responsibilities intersect with those of their managers, co-workers and underlings.

IT service catalogues to keep business humming
Another way to keep IT departments organized is by cleaning up IT service catalogues and portfolios. These free IT templates give CIOs an idea of what their internal- and external-facing IT service catalogues should look like, including ways to list technology service offerings and how to explain the behind-the-scenes work required to deliver those services.

Change management for smoother IT processes
After IT org charts are in place and IT service offerings are clearly laid out, CIOs might notice some change is in order. To implement change within an IT organization -- or an individual department, for that matter -- leaders must create well-defined change management plans for staff to follow. These free offerings address change management processes such as analysis, documentation, stakeholder management, project scope and step-by-step plan objectives.

DR/BC for tech projects gone wrong
As with any aspect of information technology , there is always the chance that disaster will strike, requiring a mitigation or a wholesale restructuring of IT resources. To correct the effects of IT projects gone awry, ahead using these free disaster recovery and business continuity templates and sample plans from the TechTarget network and around the Web.

Suss out root causes of problems with fishbone diagrams
When CIOs encounter IT project complications, a fishbone diagram might be the best method for unveiling the root cause of said problems. This popular visualization tool categorizes the potential causes of a problem in order to identify exactly what went wrong. In this free IT template roundup, find a wide variety of fishbone diagram templates that can solve your hairiest IT issues.

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