Free IT organizational structure chart templates for the CIO

Use these free IT organizational structure chart templates to illustrate the relationships and hierarchy between various IT roles in your enterprise.

An IT organizational structure chart -- often simply called an "org chart" -- is a valuable tool used by enterprises to illustrate the chain of command for technology staff. IT departments use these governance visuals to structure resources around achieving company-wide goals. In order to fulfill these plans, employees -- from the CIO down to members of the IT support staff -- must understand their role within the department and how their tasks and responsibilities relate to those of their colleagues.

SearchCIO.com has rounded up some free IT organizational structure chart templates from around the Web to provide enterprises with a framework for structuring their own IT staff and resources.

SOURCE: American University
OFFERING: This Washington, D.C., university's Office of Information Technology offers up-to-date organizational structure charts for several of its IT functions, including IT customer services, enterprise systems, information security and technology operations, with detailed hierarchal breakdowns for each.

SOURCE: Georgia Institute of Technology
OFFERING: This thorough IT organization chart from the Atlanta, Ga., institute's Office of Information Technology is headed by both a CIO and a CTO who oversee such areas as architecture and infrastructure, enterprise information systems, information security and telecommunications. Each of these departments is headed by a director and broken down in detail.

SOURCE: The Saudi e-government program
OFFERING: This discussion covers best practices in IT organization design, from a top-down to a more horizontal organization model. The PDF looks at IT department goals and missions, and how to draft an IT organizational chart that matches that visioning; the implementation plan and "lessons learned" information toward the end offer excellent takeaways.

SOURCE: Bellevue School District
OFFERING: This organizational chart outlines the structure of the Bellevue School District technology department, which is overseen by the director of technology and directors of areas such as enterprise applications, infrastructure and technology services.

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