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Test your cloud knowledge: VMs vs. containers vs. serverless

Take this quiz to help guide your choice between virtual machines, containers and serverless functions. Identify the uses, features and services associated with each computing approach.

Organizations that develop, deploy and manage cloud applications must choose a computing approach that fits their workload needs. The choice often comes down to VMs vs. containers vs. serverless functions.

Each of these approaches varies in terms of architecture, scalability, security and more. To match their workloads with the right resources, IT teams need to stay on top of the different use cases for each compute option. They also need to know which one is the best option, even when multiple approaches could work, in theory.

Take this quiz on VMs vs. containers vs. serverless functions to see how well you know these three computing approaches.

Once completed, use the information provided with the answers to evaluate your use of VMs, containers and serverless functions so you're better informed about the best architectural choices for your workloads going forward.

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