Data protection technologies changing the market

Last updated:September 2019

Editor's note

Constantly changing threats, rapid data growth and the cost of protecting data, along with myriad other factors, have resulted in new and evolving data protection technologies emerging in the market.

Recent developments in data protection technologies cover a wide variety of hurdles. For example, if you have hyper-converged infrastructure, you should have comprehensive backup for it. In addition, data protection vendors are adding more management features to their products to cover as much data ground as possible.

As with many other areas of IT, the cloud continues to play a role in modern data protection. The cloud backup market has developed significantly in recent years, so it's critical to keep an eye on products and trends.

In this guide, you'll learn from news stories and advice pieces about important data protection technologies and how they can help your organization.

1Data protection plus intelligent data management

It's been said often lately: Data is the new oil. Organizations are getting more use out of their data, thanks to new offerings in the market. See how you can go beyond backup with your backup data.

2The role of cloud in data protection

New cloud data protection technologies constantly hit the market. While the cloud comes with some obvious benefits, there are pain points you should consider as well.

3Get hyped for hyper-converged data protection

The emergence of hyper-converged infrastructure necessitated the need for proper backup of the technology. See how vendors are tackling hyper-converged backup, plus learn some best practices.

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